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Modernist Marvel

Bringing Elegance and Functionality to 'Villa Westhinder' in Knokke

Classic Elegance Meets Everyday Functionality

A Timeless CUBEX Kitchen in off-White and Aqua Tones

Natural Harmony in Modern Living

A CUBEX C60 Kitchen Experience

Royal Blue Rhapsody

A Striking Fusion of Colour and Texture in the North

Sleek Sophistication

The 'Black Beauty' - A Vincent Van Duysen x CUBEX Collaboration in Antwerp

Redefining Classic

The Transformation of a Historic CUBEX Kitchen for the Modern Era

Creating Culinary Spectacles

An Impeccable Cubex for a Food Enthusiast in Flanders

Preserving Cubexology

A CUBEX Kitchen That Honors Its Architectural Roots in Brussels

Where Style Meets Elegance

Antwerp's Signature CUBEX Kitchen in '59 Cream' and 'Caneel Black


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