Sleek Sophistication

The 'Black Beauty' - A Vincent Van Duysen x CUBEX Collaboration in Antwerp

Project Details

In a remarkable partnership, CUBEX teamed up with the renowned architecture firm, Vincent Van Duysen, and our esteemed distributor, David & Goliath, to bring the 'Black Beauty' kitchen to life in an apartment in Antwerp. This collaborative effort birthed a design that perfectly captures the essence of affordable luxury.

Starting with the selection of a deep, sophisticated black for the kitchen modules, each design decision was meticulously considered to ensure the harmonious marriage of color and form. The chosen black hue effortlessly complements the elegant color palette of the worktop and overall interior design.

The 'Black Beauty' stands as a testament to CUBEX’s commitment to creating kitchens that are not just practical, but exceptionally chic and affordable. The use of our C60 modules in this project attests to the versatility and elegance that even our more accessible range can bring to a space, all while maintaining the signature CUBEX distinction.

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collaboration with architect
collaboration with architect