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a milestone in modernist design.

In 1930 CUBEX created a system with functional 60 cm modules: it was the most advanced solution of its time in kitchen layouts which had already left its permanent mark on the industry. Today’s standard width of household electrical
appliances (and thus the basic kitchen module) is 60 cm thanks to CUBEX’s work at the time with various European
manufacturers, and the widespread presence of CUBEX kitchens in Belgium. 

CUBEX sold thousands of kitchens up to the mid-1960s, making it an iconic piece of design.

For 90 years CUBEX has built kitchens that are functional like industrial machines and solid like army tanks.

CUBEX invented
the contemporary kitchen

cubex ouverte copie.png

Louis-Herman De Koninck

CUBEX. Born in Belgium

Louis-Herman De Koninck was a Belgian architect and designer (1896-1984).

As one of the leading architects of the 20th century, De Koninck developed an original form of “modernist and constructivist architecture”. 

From 1927, he developed a new type of kitchen furniture where each module had a function.
He introduced it at the CIAM (International Congress of Modernist Architecture) in 1930. 

In addition to CUBEX and other furnitures,
De Koninck has signed many mid-century houses that are now recognized as masterpieces of

The Designer.

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