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The Cubex reinvented


We believe in the ability of our kitchens to create pleasure. Some personal ego pleasure in tasting wine or food indeed. But, especially, we believe that CUBEX kitchens are designed to share food moments,  to stay around a work plan, to cook together in family or between friends - to discover together a new spice or a new kind of pasta.

The C60 design

Functionality first.

Our inspiration is taken from the world of the Chefs where a kitchen is a tool, not a decoration.
The model C60 was designed specially to answer all the needs for a kitchen of today:

CUBEX C60 allows an infinity of possibilities of arrangement and can adapt itself to any home configuration or appliances selection.



High building quality

Our C60 modules are build in a green eco-friendly factory located in Germany. The standard of quality is very high and beyond that of most of the european brands. 
The boxes are made of (until) 25mm high density panels and are lacquered with 8 layers. Everything is perfectly fitting thanks to the adjustable hinges.



Ready to Cook

Talent compatible.

Your CUBEX C60 will be familiar to you from the first glance.
Indeed, you will have decided yourself the location of the functions. Ranging, preparing and cooking will be done in this way with coolness and relaxation.
The C60 system achieves the perfect balance between form and functionality and is compatible with most home appliances present on the market.


Custom like a Gibson

All the dimensions of the C60 are standard. Ihis enables a high level of customization. 

You can fit out drawers and shelves with a lot of elements coming from our assortment or from external suppliers.
A kitchen organization reveals the personality and eating habits of its user.
The equipment of the kitchen adapts to changes in its living conditions. CUBEX C60 offers ideal storage space for every change. The user can thus access his personal tools at any time, be it spoons, knife block or aluminum film roller.



What's the difference between the 60 and the original C30?

The CUBEX C60 appearance is very close to the C30. The design of the doors has been simplified with the objective of more flexibility. In addition, the industrial process is simplified which makes the C60 more affordable.

What is customisable in the C60 model ?

CUBEX C60 offers hundreds of shapes and dimensions of boxes. You can also chose (option) different interior colors and a wide variety of external colors.

Where can I see a C60 model ?

The C60 model is available at CUBEX but also at selected partner point of sales. Please check our Store locator to find one near you. Our network is (still) growing...

Do you install Cubex outside Belgium ?

CUBEX takes care of shipping, delivery and eventually mounting of the C60 kitchen in and outside Belgium. 

Production time is up to 6-8 weeks from payment of first rate/deposit. Delivery time varies according to location. The installation will take between 1 and 4 days depending on the size of the kitchen.

Is quality not price negotiable ?

CUBEX C60 kitchens are premium quality kitchens. We worked hard to offer you these premium-quality kitchens at listed prices as affordable as possible regarding the quality. High-quality is non-negotiable, and the same goes for the listed prices.

​Tel : +32 (0)2 506 45 10

18 bd la Deuxième Armée Britannique

1190 Brussels, Belgium

Opening Hours : 

Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

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