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The Original Iconic Cubex


We recreated all the features of the original CUBEX kitchen and its iconic design. We added some new features suited to contemporary living: trays are now effortless working, most of the modern ovens can be integrated and you even can have a coffee machine in your original CUBEX !
Anyway, CUBEX C30 is still built like a tank and will resist during decades.

The Design

Simply Iconic.

The design of Cubex is simply a classic!
Cars have the Beetle, the watches, the Timemaster, the seats, The Lounge Chair, The kitchens have CUBEX.
OK, the height of boxes has been adapted to today's morphology but all the characteristics which make a kitchen a Cubex are present: the rounding frame of doors, those solid thick in-box doors chrome-plated handles and finally, the inimitable noise at the opening of doors.


Authentic CUBEX



The CUBEX kitchenware was republished in the respect for the work of their designer, De Koninck.
Every CUBEX C30 kitchen is numbered and wears the signature of its formal designer and architect. 
At request, our customers can ask for the engraving of their name for posterity. Logic: CUBEX C30 is made to last more than one life.


Building Quality.

CUBEX C30 are hand-made with the highest quality standards.
The bodies of the boxes are realized in MDF of 18mm thickness. Doors are 25mm thick (and very solid!)
Furniture are lacquered in cabin. The inside of the boxes, their shelves and their drawers are realized in varnished afzelia. 
Other wooden essences are available as options.

The function before the form.

From 1930 till 1965, the CUBEX clients sometimes had difficulty opening drawers, finding their knives, holding the dishes in place.

This is of the past.
Our CUBEX are objects full in 21st century cool indeed but pragmatic: automatic drawers, custom-made arrangement, you can even reload your smartphone in your iconic CUBEX.



Where can I see a C30 model ?

Our Iconic C30 model is visible on appointment in Brussels, Belgium. This location is not far from where it has been designed.

Does the C30 only fit to art-deco or mid-century houses ?

Absolutely not.
Cubex design is really cool in contemporary houses or lofts.
If you are not attracted by laboratories-style ad minimum kitchens, CUBEX is for you.

The original C30 was most of the time in cream color, are there more colors available ?

We developed 8 stunning colors taken from the designer universe.  
If you have a particular color in your mind, we will try to guess it and paint your furnitures with.

Do you install Cubex outside Belgium ?

CUBEX will always be delivered and installed by our own experienced crew, who travels and takes the necessary time to offer you a premium experience.
CUBEX takes care of shipping, delivery and mounting of the kitchen with our own crew. 

Production time is up to 8 weeks from payment of first rate/deposit. Delivery time varies according to location. The installation will take between 1 and 4 days depending on the size of the kitchen.

Is quality not price negotiable ?

CUBEX C30 kitchens are built like tanks and will last during decades. We worked hard to offer you these premium-quality kitchens at listed prices close to less exclusive kitchen brands with a higher quality. High-quality is non-negotiable, and the same goes for the listed prices.

​Tel : +32 (0)2 506 45 10

18 bd la Deuxième Armée Britannique

1190 Brussels, Belgium

Opening Hours : 

Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

Thank you! Message sent.

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